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proca->share->message You should sign this!
proca->share->email->subject You should sign this
proca->share->email->body Hi,
Please do sign, I think you want to support it
proca->Sign Sign Now!
proca->progress {{count}} have signed. Let's go to {{goal}}
proca->This field is required. This field is required.
proca->Enter a number. Enter a number.
proca->Enter a valid email address. Enter a valid email address.
proca->Donations must be %(amount)s or more Donations must be %(amount)s or more
proca->Amount Amount
proca->First name First name
proca->Last name Last name
proca->Email Email
proca->Postal Code Postal Code
proca->Street Street
proca->City City
proca->Country Country
proca->Thanks! Thanks!
proca->Legal Legal
proca->Privacy Privacy
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proca->Stay in touch Stay in touch
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proca->Email_Share button Email
proca->Link_Share button Link
proca->Download explanation Your document is now ready, we are emailing it to you too.
act->title Take action now!
act->content <p>Spread this inititative with your friends and contacts: write them, spread the communication materials, talk to them, etc.</p>
<p>Get in touch with us and contribute to the organization and spreading of the campaign in your country coordinating with other campaigners: <a href="#proca_dialog" data-turbolinks="false">subscribe!</a></p>
<p>Help to translate: <a href="">Weblate</a></p>
<p>Support the campaign making a donation:</p>
regions->czech-republic Czech Republic


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