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faq->entries->what-is-file-sharing->body File sharing is the act of providing access to a work by digital methods and making copies of the work accessed. Usually it refers to practices like peer-to-peer sharing. But it may include sending an email attachment, using a physical support and so on.
faq->entries->what-is-file-sharing->title What is file sharing?
faq->entries->what-is-the-sui-generis-database-right->body The sui generis right protects databases, in which there has been a substantial investment in obtaining, verifying or presenting the data contents, against unauthorised extraction and re-utilisation of their content. There is no requirement for creativity or originality. This right lasts 15 years from the date the non-creative database was made. It is distinct and independent from copyright, which protects original works. Sui Generis Database Right belongs to the family of «related rights», i.e. similar but independent from copyright.
faq->entries->what-is-the-sui-generis-database-right->title What is the Sui Generis Database Right?
faq->entries->what-should-authors-do-to-make-sure-that-their-work-is-available-for-file-sharing->body Publish it and wait for citizens to share it. If they want, they can also personally make available their work through file sharing networks.
faq->entries->what-should-authors-do-to-make-sure-that-their-work-is-available-for-file-sharing->title What should authors do to make sure that their work is available for file sharing?
faq->entries->why-do-i-have-to-provide-so-much-personal-information->body A European Citizens' Initiative is different from a "normal" petition: it is an official democratic instrument that enables EU citizens to help shape Europe by asking the European Commission to propose a legislative act. If we manage to collect one million (validated) signatures, the EU Commission will be legally obliged to deal with our demands. We have no control over what data is required for the signing of a European Citizens' Initiative by the member states. The respective EU member states determine which data must be collected, so that the signatures are valid and counted. For this reason, in an ECI it is necessary to give more personal data than you are used to from other "petitions".
faq->entries->why-do-i-have-to-provide-so-much-personal-information->title Why do I have to provide so much personal information?
faq->entries->why-its-important-to-avoid-control-and-profiling-by-platforms->body Because you have the right to be free. Free to look for and find the works that you want, driven by your own curiosity and not by algorithmic filter bubbles that decide for you, without listing what you download in the supplier's databases.
faq->entries->why-its-important-to-avoid-control-and-profiling-by-platforms->title Why it's important to avoid control and profiling by platforms?
faq->entries->why-should-i-sign-this-european-citizen-initiative->body To foster sharing, and thus spreading, of creative works, other contents, and culture; to be free to access creative works without having to be controlled and profiled.
faq->entries->why-should-i-sign-this-european-citizen-initiative->title Why should I sign this European Citizen Initiative?
faq->entries->you-want-to-violate-copyright->body No. We want to change copyright and our proposal is compatible with the Berne convention and related treaties.
faq->entries->you-want-to-violate-copyright->title You want to violate copyright!
faq->title Frequently Asked Questions
footer->about This website is managed by GOIPE, a non-profit organization whose mission is to propose and promote European Citizens' Initiatives for a better Europe.
home->cta Support the Freedom to Share European Citizens' Initiative
home->donate->open_collective Donate to our collective
home->donate->title Donate
home->hero->action Subscribe
home->hero->text We need one million signatures. We will start collecting them on November 15th, 2020. <strong>Join us now!</strong>
home->hero2->action Sign here!
home->hero2->text <strong>Legalize Filesharing!</strong><br>We are coming together from across Europe to call on the European Commission to adopt copyright rules that are fair to creators and users.
home->official_text->body Our initiative calls for the adoption of a legislative act providing for a waiver of copyright, related rights, and sui generis database rights for natural persons sharing files via digital networks for personal use and non-profit purposes.
home->official_text->title Read the official text of the initiative
home->take_action->body Spread this initiative with your friends and contacts: write to them, spread the communication materials, talk to them, etc.
home->take_action->title Take action
home->widget->steps Join us!
messages->get_involved Get involved
messages->missing_translations->first Our site is missing translations to your language.


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